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Meet Marshall Jackman

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This month we were pleased to welcome Marshall Jackman to our staff team as the Executive Director of Operations. Marshall’s arrival to PDCPC is a return to his California roots after a 9-year hiatus in Iowa. He brings to us a depth of wisdom and experience that is the result of his...

A Look Ahead: Charting the Course Towards Our Future Together

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Here at PDCPC we are on the verge of a new year, and a new era of leadership. Join us for a special evening of vision and direction as we get a glimpse of our future and as we hear from the leaders of our three strategic priorities: Worship, Grow, and Serve. Emails will be going out to ministry...

Navigating Grief & Loss

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Navigating Grief & Loss: Kim’s Story "I attended my first GriefShare session six days after my husband passed away.  It provided me with a safe place to share my raw emotions without judgement from anyone.  Everyone in that room had experienced a loss and we bonded as we took...

Meet the (NEW) Assistant Pastor!

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Beginning this month, PDCPC welcomes Sid Buzzell to our team of gifted and passionate staff members. We thought you’d like to take a moment to get to know a little bit about him- we think he’s pretty great, and we know you will, too! Sid has been married to Jeanette since 1964. They...

Why Donuts are Good for Our Kids: A Thank You Note

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Did you know that the donuts you purchase on Sunday mornings do more than provide incentive for an otherwise hesitant child or spouse to attend church? Good news! We are here to assure you that your donut purchases (and consumption) are valid and valuable and even serve a Kingdom purpose!! As...