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Palm Desert Community Pres.

North America

North America Mission Partners

AMOR Ministries

What It Is

Amor brings people together to provide transformational experiences that manifest the justice, kindness, and humility of Jesus Christ. Currently, AMOR is operating in Mexico & South Africa.

When Amor Ministries began in 1980, the poorest families sent their children away to orphanages because they could not provide for them. Rather than being full of children without parents, orphanages cared for kids whose parents loved them so much, that they were sent away to provide for their general needs. After learning this, Amor’s Founders’ decided to change it. So, for the last thirty three years, Amor Ministries’ main purpose has been to provide adequate housing for needy families in order to keep families together! Amor Ministries does more than just make life easier for a family in need, we open hearts to truly see the grace and love of Jesus by providing security, safety, and stability.

How to Get Connected

A group of people from PDCPC partner yearly with the Amor team in Mexico to build a house for a family in need. For more information on how you can get involved, contact xxxxx



Antioch Community Church
Kristen Van Dorn Bostwick- Associate College Pastor

Part of the Antioch International Movement of Churches, Antioch Community Church, Pheonix is a church that uses evangelism, discipleship, and life groups to reach people, develop leaders and transform communities. In addition, their Discipleship School equips and sends church planters to bring God's love to the nations of the Earth.


Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

The work of Good News Jail & Prison Ministry is to plant and build the church of Jesus Christ around the world. This important work takes place in jails and prisons – where God is doing amazing things in the hearts and lives of men, women and children behind bars.

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry believes the most effective tool for ministering to the needs of inmates and staff is the daily presence of a chaplain. The chaplain serves as evangelist, pastor, counselor, mentor and friend to those who are incarcerated and the staff who guard and protect them. Our support of this ministry goes to help fund these chaplains and the important work they are doing.



InterFACE International
Kay Eaves

InterFACE (iFace) Ministries – the face of international friendships – is a nonprofit educational, Christian organization which networks international students and scholars with culturally sensitive Americans who enjoy cross-cultural friendships and the open exchange of ideas. Just as computers need to interface in order to communicate, we from around the world should be encouraged to connect with one another to learn more about our world and our Creator.

In NYC there are over 65,000 international students at hundreds of colleges and universities. Kay helps to provide a variety of programs to help students and their families adjust to life in the US.


Project Medsend

MedSend makes it possible for highly qualified and dedicated Christian healthcare professionals to bring healthcare – and the good news of Jesus’ love – to people in need around the world. MedSend healthcare professionals staff and run mission hospitals and rural clinics and are involved in community health education and training and mentoring Christian caregivers.

For MedSend healthcare professionals from the U.S., grants are provided that remove the obstacle of educational debt and they are given specialized training to equip them for the unique challenges they face.