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Christmas Eve Services

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Christmas is coming! As this season of Advent comes to a close, let’s gather together on Christmas Eve to welcome God’s love into our world, our community, and our own lives. Join us as we celebrate the birth of Christ with these special candlelight services: 5:00 pm | Family...


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Have you ever wondered how you could be a better parent? grandparent? mentor? aunt? uncle? As adults, we have a huge opportunity to come alongside kids at various phases of their lives and help them grow into flourishing adults. Sometimes though, that can be a tricky road to navigate. Parent...

A Look Ahead: Charting the Course Towards Our Future Together

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Here at PDCPC we are on the verge of a new year, and a new era of leadership. Join us for a special evening of vision and direction as we get a glimpse of our future and as we hear from the leaders of our three strategic priorities: Worship, Grow, and Serve. Emails will be going out to ministry...

Imprisoned & Free

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Being free AND imprisoned. It’s a paradox that’s coming true for many men at Ironwood State Prison each year, thanks to the important work of Kairos Ministry and many members of PDCPC. Ironwood State Prison is a minimum-medium security prison about 97 miles away from PDCPC on 640...