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[The Blog] @PDCPC - Responding to Racism: A Statement from Our Denomination

Responding to Racism: A Statement from Our Denomination

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Just when we thought that life as we knew it had reached maximum disruption, our country was further turned upside down by horrendous acts of violence toward Black people. As a result, communities across the country are calling for change, demanding justice, and deeply grieving a systemic issue of racism that we wish did not exist.
Our church is part of a larger denomination (A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians, or, ECO) that put together a statement along with some ideas for action, as a starting point for learning how we can do better. It is an excellent start, and I want to pass it along for your consideration.
Please be sure you check the "Top 5" email on Monday for further opportunities to dig into this subject and the church's role in the healing and wholeness of our city.
It is my hope that, as a church who preaches the Good News of reconciliation, we can be on the forefront of bringing God's shalom to a very difficult time in our history.
Please click here to read the statement and join me as we begin this work together. 
Pastor David Ludwig

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