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[The Blog] @PDCPC - Quarterly Mission Partner Update: Seeds of Joy, Kenya

Quarterly Mission Partner Update: Seeds of Joy, Kenya

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Vision: Our vision is to provide Christ-filled leaders in business, professions, and politics. 

Mission: Our mission, which supports this vision, is to create the best school in Kenya.

Goal: To contribute to the promotion of socio-economic development through support to education & health initiatives, community empowerment, and promotion of good cultural values and practices. “To establish a firm Christian foundation for the less privileged, the vulnerable, the needy by lifting God among the young/ youth and through ministering the love and care to all so that He may draw all to Himself”. James 1: 27, John 12: 32

Dear Rev. Ludwig,

The teachers and students of the Agongo schools are deeply grateful for the quarterly contribution received from the Mission Department of Palm Desert Presbyterian Church.

The resources available to the SEED* Academy (the elementary school) and the Isaya Amonde Special Secondary School are very limited and a contribution such as this will make a substantial difference in the lives of the students.

Since receiving these funds (through a Seeds of Joy Foundation wire transfer), I’ve been praying with our board for the best way to make a significant difference in our school because of this new partnership resource. We want to be good and faithful stewards of our partnership with Palm Desert.

We have approximately one thousand students on campus, more than four hundred in our secondary school. These students face many of the same issues teenagers in the World face and they sometimes make bad choices that can hinder their progress or limit their options in the future. Our board would very much like to provide our students (especially the secondary boarding students) with a full-time Counsellor.

The Counsellor would be charged with establishing a trusting relationship with the students and to be available to give advice and good counsel on a regular basis (not just when students are in crisis) and to develop preventive counselling strategies to help keep our students on the right path. You can imagine the impact a Counsellor could make as students grapple with the universal adolescent issues of drugs and alcohol, sex and romance, academic and career planning, social adjustment, as well as Christian life and commitment.

Your quarterly contribution will make it possible for us to hire this full-time staff position and implement much-needed counselling programs and strategies.

Please know we consider Palm Desert our close partner in Jesus as we pursue our vision of providing Kenya with Christ-filled leaders in business, politics, and the professions.

Also, please share with your AIM Air partners our gratitude for putting us in touch with this missionary aviation service. AIM Air extends the time we can spend with visiting mission groups and saves us days of travel when groups come to our village. 

Bless you for all you are doing in The Kingdom and for all you’re doing to further our mission in the village of Agongo and beyond.

Bwana Asifiwe,

Dr. Joel O. Amonde

AIM + Seeds of Joy Kenya Mission Partners   Students at Isaya Amonde Secondary School

Left: Our mission partners (AIM Air Africa & Seeds of Joy, Kenya) have also become partners, thanks to the introduction of our team who traveled to Kenya earlier this year.

Right: Students from Isaya Amonde Secondary school, who will benefit from the presence of a school counselor on their campus full-time, thanks to our partnership.


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