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[The Blog] @PDCPC - Kenya Team Recap

Kenya Team Recap

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“Today we were welcomed by Pastor Joel and Seeds of Joy. We experienced gracious hospitality, toured the facilities, met the upcoming seminary graduates and the supporting school staff. 

The highlight of the day was seeing the passion these people have for Christ, as well as Pastor Dave’s reminder to all that even though we speak different languages, are separated by thousands of miles, and have different cultures, we all worship the same God.

A prayer request would be for us to engage and enjoy each moment as it comes and also for the graduates on Sunday, that they will feel the love of Christ through all who are there to encourage and support them as they move forward as Pastors.”

-Kenya team member Molly Heusinkveld 

Pictured here, Pastor Dave and the graduates who will be going on to become pastors themselves!

Kenyan Pastors



“Today we listened to Pastor Dave speak into the lives of the Bible School graduates with the message of salvation. There was so much excitement in the crowd at his message, cries and shouts of 'Amen' and 'hallelujah,' you couldn't help but feel God moving.

The highlight of the day was speaking individually to the directors of the primary and secondary school, and the directors of the dispensary, to learn more about their successes and the challenges they face so we have a good understanding of how we can best partner with them.

A prayer request would be for the continued energy and strength of the Seeds of Joy staff over the next two days of ceremonies, and especially for the graduation celebration on Sunday, as the entire staff has been working non-stop to make this week joyful for all who attend.” 

Pictured above is a classroom of Secondary School students.


“Today we had the privilege of going through the orientation for the graduation tomorrow, and we were able to give encouragement and our congratulations to the graduates in a more intimate setting. Pastor Ron Brown gave a powerful message of hope and revival.

The whole day was amazing, but one of the highlights for me was when Pastor Joel called all those living outside of Kenya to come forward for a prayer of revival in our country or state, that we would be renewed in Christ and take this fresh renewal back home. What a powerful experience that prayer circle was!

The Bible students specifically asked for prayer for housing for future bible students, as right now there is no housing available, and it is common that some students will drive one or more days from their hometown in order to attend the once monthly weeklong classes!”



“Our final day in Agongo. We passed the main driveway where everyday we were greeted with welcome songs from the children of the primary and secondary school, and of the Masai tribe, and instead drove through a back gate where we visited the tree under which this incredible ministry was started. What an incredible story of faithfulness to the call of God and the huge impact it has had on this community.

The graduation ceremony was like nothing we have ever experienced. After the graduates received their diplomas and certificates the crowd filled with family, friends and community members, danced to them and lavished them with gifts of necklaces, flowers, chocolates, and hoisted some of them up on shoulders to dance and celebrate all God has done. The highlight was meeting the family members of the graduates, the pure joy and pride on their faces as they looked upon their graduate was priceless. The second highlight was that Pastor Dave was presented with a gift. A ram!! Again, priceless! Our prayer requests are simply to pray for the Agongo community to continue to love each other, grow together in Christ, for healing and restoration and for Pastor Joel and Seeds of Joy to continue to model Christ’s love for all people, as they do so very well. Also prayers for our team’s safe travels on our journey home!”



DAY 5 (Headed home)

“Today during our layover in Nairobi we were able to visit AIM Air, the mission we’ve supported for many years. It was so nice to meet the Chief Pilot, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer. We received a tour of the facility and the airplanes and it was so great to see with our own eyes the mission the church has supported for so long.” Photo 2 is the last dinner in Kenya. Our team will be home, soon!

The Kenya team wishes to thank you for all of your support and your prayers, which have undergirded their ministry and their travels. Join us at one of our two worship services (9:00am & 10:30am) this Sunday to hear more about their amazing trip!


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