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[The Blog] @PDCPC - Celebrating our PDCPC Grads

Celebrating our PDCPC Grads

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This past Sunday in our worship service we recognized those students from our church-family who are moving on to the next step in their education- those graduating from the Academy, from elementary school, middle school, high school, and even college!

To our PDCPC graduates- We honor your accomplishments and hard work, and we are grateful to walk alongside you on your journey.

Chiara Romero* (Corban University, Salem OR)

High School:
Aidan Murphy*
Gus Sanchez
Joshua Aldana
Lisette Sanchez
Tyler Neighbors*

8th Grade:
Anafer Trujillo
Oliver Schorr

5th Grade:
Natalie Buttemiller 
Macy Ludwig
Savannah Putnam
Victoria Vorwald

The Academy (preschool/Kinder):
Aaraa Spry
Alex Gupta                                             
Alexander Villegas
Alison Garrard
Anthony Timo
Austin Peltz                                                   
Avery Tanner
Baron Brinson                                               
Benjamin Foreman
Brayden Orfield                                            
Bree Lindly                                                   
Bristol Jones                                     
Caden Bell
Cash Kovaleff
Catherine Valovic            
Claire Barden                                               
Clarkie Hahne                                               
Crew Hanan                                                 
Elias Ludwig
Emma Hohmann                                          
Erica Van Oosting
Gabriela Burbach
Grace Otten                                                  
Isaac DeLeon
Isabel Hart
Jack Tanner
Jackson Dougherty                                      
Jackson Eber
Jax Scholl
Jaxon Simonds                                            
Jin Prince
Kaden Munoz
Lily Jackson
London Grace Chisholm
Lorenzo Avila
Luca Nagy
Luke Anderson                                             
Max Shalhoub Schmidman
Maxwell March
Michaela Herrick
Natalie Hernandez
Norah Schmall
Parker McDonald
Phoebe Nelson
Presley Warren
Ronan Clerkin
Spenser Roach
Stella Phelps-Hill
Thomas Brennan                                          
Tory Towner                                     
Vann Gray                                                    
Victoria Balsamo

 *Denotes scholarship recipient. The PDCPC Scholarship Fund is a faith-based, special-gift ministry, and is not part of the PDCPC budget.  If you wish to support our students by making a donation to our scholarship fund please email


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