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Introducing, Revive!

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Have you ever wondered what it means to be a disciple of Christ? Or maybe you’ve been at it a long time and the idea of discipleship feels rote and unexciting? “Revive” is a 4-week interactive series that will help us think through some important aspects of discipleship and how...

A Prayer for Our Uncertain Times

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May we who are merely inconvenienced remember those whose lives are at stake.{Pause, to remember and pray for those who come to mind.} May we who have no risk factorsremember those most vulnerable.{Pause, to remember and pray for those who are vulnerable.} May we who have the luxury of...

Advent Week 3

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On Sunday in worship, we lit the third Advent candle, the candle of joy. Advent is a season of waiting. Even as we wait for the fulfillment of all God’s good plans, we find joy in the work of God all around us. The Spirit calls us to joy in our vocations- paid and unpaid work...

Advent Week 2

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This week, we find ourselves in the second week of Advent. The candle lit during the second week of Advent reminds us to pray and work for peace. We are also called, through the Holy Spirit, to look for the signs of God’s peace in the world. Peace is not merely the absence of fighting or...

Advent Week 1

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Sunday marked the beginning of the Advent season, where we prepare our hearts for Christmas and "wait" expectantly for the Messiah. This week, our focus is on Hope. Where is your hope found? What are you hoping for? We invite you to take some time to reflect on this scripture, and to pray...

Holy Week Reading Guide

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As we enter into Holy Week, we invite you to take some time each day to read about the events that took place leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus. We also invite you to join us for a Maundy Thursday Tenebrae and Communion service in the Sanctuary at 7:00pm on March 29th, and for...