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Mission Partner Update: Medsend

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The PDCPC Mission Team has received an exciting update from Morgan Boardman and our mission partner, Medsend.  The following is a video of Dr. Kyle Jones who is a MedSend grant recipient serving with his wife, Vanessa. They serve at Kapsowar Hospital in Kenya...

Mission Partner Update: Micah

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The PDCPC Mission Team has received the following update from our mission partner in Honduras, The Micah Project.  To read the latest on what our financial support if going towards and how God is working in the ministry, click here. You can also watch the video below!

Angels Everywhere

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Canadian singer/songwriter Sara McLachlan sang about the “Arms of an Angel”, a beautiful, emotional tribute to a friend of hers who died suddenly of a drug overdose.  We frequently hear about angels in popular culture. Tony Kushner won a Pulitzer Prize for his play “Angels...