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Palm Desert Community Pres.

Daily Schedule

Sample Daily Schedule

Here at the Academy we like to have a good time & learn a lot while we are at it! Keeping a structured schedule & having a routine are important so that both of these things are possible. Here's what a typical day might look like for our students...

7:30-8:00                Arrival – Inside time

8:00-8:30                Playground time

8:30-8:40                Clean up

8:40                        Morning circle – songs and prayer

8:45                        Proceed to individual classes

8:50                        Potty breaks

9:00-9:15               Classroom circle time/Bible time

9:15                        Snack time

9:30                        Work time
                               (sensory, math, language arts, reading)

10:00                      Recess (physical exercise)

10:30                      Free play/art

11:00                      Work time
                               (sensory, math, language arts, reading)

11:30                      Lunch

12:00                      Potty break/Lunch recess

12:30                      Dismissal for half day students

1:00-3:00               Naptime

3:00                        Snack

3:30-5:30               Afternoon enrichment
                              (art, outside play, afterschool activities)

Note: This is a sample schedule of a typical day. Special circumstances and special programming do happen, so please contact the Academy office if you have questions about what is happening on a specific day.