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Palm Desert Community Pres.

SCRIP Instructions

Scrip Sign Up

Thank you for your willingness to support the Academy! Family and friends of The Academy can set up an account on-line to easily and quickly buy gift cards:

Follow these steps to signup for SCRIP:
2. Press the green Family Sign Up button on the left side of the home page
3. Follow the 5 step process to establish your account – including acceptance of their privacy policy and terms and conditions.
4. Enter the enrollment code, and press Join.
5. Select the Default button on the left side of The Academy name until it turns green

Set Up PrestoPay:
1. Select the PrestoPay tab on the left side of the screen
2. Read introduction and select “Yes, and I agree” on the bottom of the page
3. Enter your bank name, account name, type of account, routing number and account number
4. Enter the validation code and press next

Note: Two random amounts of money will be deposited in your checking account that you defined in the previous step. This typically happens within 2 business days of you entering your account information.

As soon as you see the deposits in your account, make a note of the amounts. Then return to this area of to verify the set-up of your PrestoPay™ account.

After successfully verifying your PrestoPay™ account, you will be sent an approval code. You will need to contact your program coordinator and give them this code to complete the enrollment process.

Go Shopping:
1. Enter your account
2. Press the SHOP button on the top banner of the home page
3. Search for your items and select them in to your shopping cart
4. Elect you payment method – PrestoPay or Check. If you pay by check, print the receipt of your order, write a check and bring it in to school for processing.  If you pay by PrestoPay, you are done.  Your order will be processed electronically and / or your cards will be available for pickup at school.